Data solutions



Connect Prime

Get all your business locations connected on a secure, private and reliable network without having to wait for weeks.


Get the medium of the future for your offices and experience seamless connectivity.

Leased Line

Combination of the traditional version of leased line along with some advanced flavours that are required by offices for different data-driven business applications.

Ethernet Leased Line

Get connectivity between two or more Ethernet netwoks of your Enterprise offices.


Get a dedicated, leased point-to-point digital circuit for the bulk transport of data, voice and video allowing for simultaneous two-way transmissions of digital signals


Extend IT automation to every site and office and regardless of size and geography to increase productivity, serve customers better and reduce inventory and other costs.

Managed Services

Experience a secure connection that delivers pro-active protection from blended attacks, viruses, worms, Trojans, phishing and other harmful traffic.


Reliance EWAN is simplified to reduce the complexity by extending your LAN across different geographies using layer 2 network to share a single broadcast domain




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